Global Distribution Reach

Centrally coordinated out of Abu Dhabi, Fertiglobe's global sales and marketing organization can directly reach customers through an extensive distribution network.

Fertiglobe benefits from direct access to six key ports and distribution hubs on the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Arab Gulf. This strategic positioning allows Fertiglobe to easily access the major end-markets for its products (Europe, South Asia, Australia, East Africa and Latin America), and to optimize volumes routing East and West of the Suez Canal, creating significant freight optimization and avenue for synergies. The platform also has a significant competitive advantage given it can import from North Africa into Europe on a duty-free basis.

Fertiglobe is supported by robust inland storage and distribution infrastructure, with over 700 thousand metric tons of owned and leased warehousing capacity, and efficient multi-modal on-site loading and logistics operations



Access to strategic export hubs through 6 ports on the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Arab Gulf


Efficient multi-modal on-site loading and logistics operations


Over 700 thousand metric tons of owned and leased warehousing capacity