Sorfert Algérie

A joint venture with Sonatrach, Algeria's state-owned oil and gas authority, Sorfert is one of the largest integrated
nitrogen fertilizer producers in North
Africa, capable of producing 1.26
million metric tons of granular urea
and 1.6 million metric tons of gross
anhydrous ammonia per year.

The plant is strategically located
in the Arzew industrial complex in
northwest Algeria 35 kilometers east
of Oran, near three Algerian ports.
Sorfert enjoys access to two export
jetties at Arzew Port and Bethioua
Port with a direct ammonia pipeline to
the port, and exclusive access to urea
export logistics. Sorfert’s access to
significant storage capacity and flexible
infrastructure allows for exports around
the world at favorable freight time and
cost, coupled with its competitive
production costs, maximizes its ability
to reach its customers effectively at
competitive prices.